Attractive Things Girls Do That Guys Love
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The Tools & Techniques You’ll be Equipped with Inside the Attraction Checklist

  •  The Likability Factor: One simple concept to dramatically increase your instant likability…
  •  The Verbal Magnet: Secrets of getting him to chase revealed. Do this and you'll never chase someone you like again.
  •  Get Guys Addicted to YOU: What makes someone hooked on everything you say and how to use it to your advantage.
  •  The Romeo & Juliet Effect: How companies like Apple train their employees to be so loyal to the brand, and how you can steal their tactics to inspire the same devotion in your relationships.
  •  The Open-Loop Phenomenon: One simple trick I’ve used in my videos to captivate millions of hours watched on YouTube. You’ll never look at story telling the same way again.
  •  The Politician Effect: The subconscious reason we don’t trust politicians. Make this mistake and they’ll never talk to you again.
  •  The E.A.O. Formula: Plug these three simple things into any conversation to get them talking for hours!
  •  The YouTube Secret: What a YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers can tell you about gaining a bigger audience, coming off as more trustworthy, and how you can get anyone’s attention instantly!
  •  The Pencil Method: How to effortlessly create rapport and connection with anyone you just met..
  •  The Friend Eraser: Are you making the #1 conversational mistake (with your friends and crush)? I’m exposing the deadliest flaws in dialogue that’s currently robbing you of the social and dating life you should have by now.
  •  The Mental Megaphone: Ever feel like he’s not really listening to you? Here’s how to fix that and increase his attention 5X within the snap of a finger. The same goes for family and close friends..
  •  The Conversation Blueprint: It’s all about knowing what to say right? WRONG! I’m going to show you the two key things that matter more than what you say.
  •  The Reverse Cognition Test: How to make them do all the talking while making them think you’re a great conversationalist. Hilarious to use and you’ll see why😂
  •  Perception Portals: How to be regarded as stronger, more attractive, more respected and more confident than anyone you’re competing with…
  •  The Attention Paradox: Learn the number one thing most people do to get someone’s attention that’s actually HURTING their chances.
  •  The Timing Principle: Knowing when to say certain things is the difference between a flowing river of dialogue and an awkward silence. Don’t ignore this!
  •  The Conversational AK-47: How to never run out of things to say, even if you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall.
  •  The 5-Second Rule: What to say in the first 5 seconds of every conversation so they’re hooked & you’re in control.
  •  The “Parents Don’t Know" Line: My secret nine-word sentence you'll use anytime you want to take a regular conversation with your crush to the next level.
  •  The Great Divide: What really separates the conversations that go nowhere and the ones that you know could go on forever.
  •  The Waterfall Effect: Use this method to create a never-ending stream of things to talk about.
  •  The Daily Trigger Technique: A quick way to start any conversation off with a BANG!
  •  Fluent Body Language: Speak the one universal language that makes 10x more impact on the conversation than your words ever could.
  •  The Equinox Solution: What to do if they don’t seem interested in what you’re saying to get them talking about what they love.
  •  The Snowflake Ritual: What creates unique bonds between people that take them from strangers to best friends. Harness this power to make anyone love you.
  •  The Titanic’s Revenge: One huge problem you’ll face if you ask these questions the wrong way and how to avoid it coming back to bite you.
  •  The Tunnel Method: Find out what someone’s favorite topic is instantly and make feel they can talk forever.
  •  The Christmas Tree Routine: One sneaky trick to bring up the things we’re all thinking about, but no one’s saying.
  •  The Rocket Ship Concept: The two things everyone is thinking in conversations, even you, and why it stops most conversations from ever taking off.
  •  The Parrot Technique: One simple solution to always know what to reply with when you’re out of ideas.
  •  The Table Turning Game: Play this game with your friends to improve your conversational skills for when the time comes. Warning: Extremely addictive!
  •  The Honey Trick: How to make them miss you once you’re gone and have them always coming back for more.
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